Like man-made diamonds that are made flawless using extreme heat and pressure; Tanzite is similar. Using incredible heat and pressure, we are able to make Tanzite stone without the flaws, or the cost of natural stone. Tanzite gives you the perfect stone tile with the perfect color that will last in the harsh outdoors for a lifetime!



Like the late night sky, before the blackness sets in. Just enough that you can see the white stars speckled over the dark canvas. This granite stone forms a rich black colour broken by thin white lines that add a subtle compliment to help soften the depth and keeps the surface looking great (even if it gets a little dirty).


A quartz-like cookies and cream white granite stone color with grayscale specks. This stone absorbs less sunlight, making it a great choice to keep your deck cooler in the hot sun; yet the matte finish is not too reflective. This colour stone makes a nice high contrast to other colours providing perfect accents.


Like ancient Egyptian scrolls, this stone color has a wide variety of browns. This earth tone colour is perfect to create a natural rustic design with all the classic grandeur of renowned architecture.


Like the inspiring cliffs of a grey mountain, this stone has a weathered look layered over layers of greys. This greyscale stone does well to stay cool and the neutral colour looks great in all environments.


Like classic American white Oak trees, this soft color fits both modern and classic architectural design, and provides a classic wood deck look with the strength of stone.


This black walnut wood provides a rich depth of colour. The intense and alluring tones highlight the natural grains in the wood and creates the perfect colour to compliment any outdoor living space.

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