how to install a stone deck

Building a Stone deck is very similar to most other outdoor decks, however there are a few differences. We have put many tips and tricks into a few “how-to videos”. We recommend watching them before starting your project.

On this page you will find instructions for installing your Tanzite Stone Deck, covering an existing deck, owner’s manual and more.

step one: frame

Build the deck frame as you normally would, just slope it away from the house 1-2% for water drainage.

Stone Decks How To

step two: surface

Cover the wood structure with 3/4” tongue and grove plywood. You can also use regular deck boards, which is ideal if you are waiting a year or two before installing the Tanzite stone.

Stone Decks How To

step three: stairs

Build your steps as you would normally. Since the Tanzite perimeter stones are designed to make a perfect step size, it is ideal to cut the stair stringers to fit the stone. This will make your Tanzite stone steps easy to build.

Stone Decks How To

step four: sides (optional)

Close in the sides of your deck using any product you would normally use. A popular option is to use a cement fibre board like James Hardi board in the 4’ x 8’ sheets.

Stone Decks How To

step five: water protection

Want to protect your wood structure? Our patent pending process makes this part simple. We can send you a one piece water protection membrane that you simply lay over top. No glue, no seams (most decks) and no hassle.

Stone Decks How To

step six: tanzite stone

Lay the Tanzite stones over the surface in any desired pattern. Our patent pending process makes this easy. The perimeter stone come pre-drilled and you simply screw them down. The bullnose “L” shape creates a clean finish deck edge. The rest of the stones come with the spacers already attached so you just lay them in any pattern desired. No glue, no mortar, just gravity.

Stone Decks How To

step seven: polymeric sand

Now with everything set, sweep the bags (we can provide) of polymeric sand into the gaps created by the spacers. This is sweep in dry, then you make it wet. The water activation hardens the sand while keeping some flexibility. This acts like a mortar and interlocks the Tanzite stones together keeping them in place.

Stone Decks How To

step eight: railing

Install a surface mount railing by simply pre-drilling the holes through the stones where the posts will be bolted down. Then attach the posts into the wood structure and finish the railing as normal. (railing can also be installed prior to the Tanzite stone in which case you would simply cut the stone around the posts).

Stone Decks How To

cover an existing deck

cover existing deck

You can cover almost any structurally sound existing deck with Tanzite. This is a great option to cover vinyl decking or if you are tired of staining your wood deck.

existing concrete

Tanzite stone can be installed directly to structurally sound concrete. This is a great way to make your old concrete look new again or to hide unsightly cracks, chips, or stains.

install on ground

Tanzite stone can be installed directly on the ground, similar to paving stone. Simply lay onto a prepared compacted granular base. This is a great way to create way to add a ground level deckor walkway to your outdoor living space.

How-to videos

design your deck

screw pile

post & Beam

ledger board

Joist hangers

Joist installation

plywood intall

Stair Construction

water protection

hardie board sides

perimeter edge stones

stair railing install

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